Wits End Dog Training: helping you to help your dog be the best it can be

Wits End Dog Training, helping you to help your dog be the best it can be.

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Curious cats? - We were expecting aggression, but what we got was shy curiosity, which with it brought hope.

Gabbs, NV

Over 150 dogs in need of desperate rehoming from a ranch in Nevada, Wits End was there to help.

"There are some pieces of news
that just make the hair stand up on the back of my neck."

The message that came through the Rescue Network one afternoon was one of those. A lady who had been running a dog rescue, which had unfortunately turned into a hoarding situation when she became overwhelmed, on a three thousand acre ranch in Northern Nevada had died suddenly, leaving over 150 dogs in pens with no one to care for them. Several people stepped up to the plate to care for them temporarily but the goal was to re home the dogs.

"I was gobsmacked,
how exactly could you re-home 150 dogs?"

My daughter Christine and I decided to drive out to Mammoth as part of a camping trip and then to Gabbs to try to take digital photos of the dogs which we could put onto the internet. I also wanted to undertake evaluations of their personalities because I was concerned that they might be aggressive. As it turned out nothing could have been further from the truth. While many were under socialized to humans and dogs very few gave me any concern that they might be unadoptable, given careful rehabilitation.

"I could not get these dogs faces out of my mind"

Max and Mango make it to California - Life is looking up for these lucky rescues from Gabbs, now they spend their days enjoying the California landscapes.

I could not get these dogs faces out of my mind and I became determined to try to do something to help them so a short while later I went back to the ranch and collected a few dogs to work with from my home and hopefully find new homes. A couple of weeks later I went back out to Gabbs and collected another van load and took them down to Utah to the Best Friends Sanctuary. I was hoping that by keeping the ball rolling that someone else might find some inspiration and step in too. Even knowing I could not help them all I felt that I just had to do something, I could not just stand by and watch.

So much of my life for several months has revolved about feeding training, socializing and grooming and then gradually they found homes, one by one people stepped up and took a chance on a rescued dog.

"And as I say “ every guy should have a hobby!”"

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