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Dog Days of Summer

The hidden holocaust - a massive slaughter of companion animals takes place every day right here in the USA

One of the news items I saw recently was about the slaughter by the Iraqi police of two hundred homeless dogs in one day on the streets of Baghdad. Apparently the dogs had been scaring children on their way to and from school. The dogs were homeless and hungry, abandoned. The tone of the news writer was indignant and blaming, a “shooting massacre”. As if it was a sign of Middle Eastern morals.

"One dog is killed every minute
of every day in California alone!"

Why, I wondered, is the shooting of two hundred dogs Headline News when it takes place in Baghdad but totally ignored when it is the slaughter in our own backyards here in the USA. Why is it that when a dog kills a human it is front page news and yet when humans kill dogs it is not.

4.7 million dogs are killed in the USA every year, and over 50% of shelter animals taken in to our “Humane” care never make it out again.

I can't even imagine that many dogs – that means that just in California there are 500,000 homeless dogs killed by humans every year, 1,400 every day. One dog is killed every minute of every day in California alone!

This can't be right! Am I alone in finding this a disgusting reflection on our sense of kindness and kinship with our companions? Does nobody care?

"I want to shout MURDER! from the rooftops."

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that 95% of these dogs have never had any formal training. While spending my time training client’s pets I have the opportunity to meet a lot of dogs with very different personalities and a few with rather disconcerting habits! So I got to thinking what would happen if we could take these dogs out of shelters and train them and re home them? How could we increase the numbers of dog trainers available so that fewer and fewer dogs ended up in this predicament.

Which is where I had my idea for a sanctuary, a shelter based on the premise that rehabilitation and re homing has to be the main focus. Where a Dog Trainers University would prepare people to be great dog trainers and the dog trainers could rehabilitate the rescued dogs who could be coming in from the euthanasia list on shelters that are full to overflowing.

That was when I started rescuing dogs in my spare time, and also when I set up a non-profit with that purpose. We need systems and processes for rehabilitation and re homing with a family, not just a fenced enclosure for the rest of their lives. We need to share the knowledge and skills with other local groups who are not prepared to stand by while so called “Humane” Societies slaughter 50% of the dogs they rescue because their systems are broken and their people are burned out.

"Do you care? Will you help?"

For more information go to www.CirrusRanch.com

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